Looking To Make A Difference In The World? Do you have new and creative original ideas?

We value time more than anything else these days. And when people find they are wasting their time, they are also wasting their lives. By delivering unique and resourceful ways to solve time loss, business, education institutions, health facilities, government agencies, and more can benefit from technology to help save time. Both for their company and for all those who work with them. Here at QLess, we have a mission to help create the best workflow possible and are looking for creative innovators who are excited about creating positive innovative change.

If you are excited about finding ways to make things work more efficiently, then consider how exciting working with our company could be.

QLess is a rapidly growing company that is looking for long-term positions as well as internships. QLess was named America’s Best Computer Services Company at the last American Business Awards for the impressive sixth year in a row and Best Computer Services Company in the World by Business Awards for six years running as well.

QLess is dedicated to re-investing in the company and growing its R&D. This is especially helpful in terms of working to foster a positive and growing work environment.

We have a handsome and generous benefits package and dedicate ourselves to hiring the best and brightest globally. With an impressive vacation policy as well, we strive to make your time at work both positive, productive, and rewarding.

Our clients also include some of the most prestigious and best-known brands globally, from Vodafone to universities around the world, to large healthcare facilities, to DMV’s nationally, and many more.

With a 99.5% average monthly employee retention rate, it’s clear to see QLess has employees who enjoy the job.

Our company strives to make the workplace one that gives our employees the opportunity to thrive and grow. We promote creativity, integrity, and the elegant design of work/life balance. We also offer a competitive base salary, comprehensive medical, stock options, dental and vision plans, 401(k), life insurance, and a robust and unlimited vacation policy.

On-site headquarters also has other amenities such as:

  • Fully Stocked kitchen with snacks and beverages
  • Lunch delivered through the week
  • On-site chair massage weekly by professional massage therapists
  • Several remote job opportunities as well (work from home)

Headquarters For QLess

best places to work 2017 Headquartered in beautiful downtown Pasadena, California, it’s location is also a beautiful attraction as well. The city is known for its historic and architecturally stunning landmarks, fantastic dining experience, top retailers, and diverse entertainment. It’s also known for hosting the famous and family-friendly annual Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl football game.

Pasadena is also the location of numerous startups and technology culture and has been the birthplace of numerous successful companies worth billions today. With quality cultural and art exhibits thriving in the city as well, it makes for a rich, robust, and diverse community.

It’s also conveniently located near the Gold Line and major freeways so commuting is especially easy.

If you’re excited about making the world a better place through innovative ideas, check out our open positions below and let us know how you can make a difference with us here at QLess. We look forward to hearing from you!

Open Positions

Systems Analyst Development Operations

Implement and improve computer systems for queue management in digital applications:

  • Analyze queue management needs, procedures and review capabilities, workflow and scheduling limitations, improve queue time in specialized digital applications and implement security compliance
  • Use BluePrism to automate processes and services, to cut operational costs
  • Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs, systems and databases to keep SLAs at highest marks
  • Use Terragrunt to create code for cloud provisioning and coordinate the installation of computer programs and systems, provision fault-tolerant clusters and orchestrate containers and microservices
  • Create continuous integration and continuous code delivery, inspect code quality
  • Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore optimal functioning
  • Configure, expand, modify system to serve new purposes and improve development, test and production release work flow
  • Consult with management to ensure agreement on system principles 

Requirements: 2 years experience as Systems Analyst, Development Operations Engineer, Systems Engineer or related occupation using BluePrism and Terragrunt, and  BS in Computer Science Computer Engineering or related field. Job in Pasadena. May telecommute but must report in Pasadena on average one week per month.
Email HR@QLess.com

What Our Employees Love About QLess

woman with long hair
"I love the flexibility to work from home."

Amy Deavoll, Director of Marketing

"I really like the enormous future potential at QLess."

"I love our amazing coworkers, saving time for thousands of people, and the ability to work anywhere."

"I love that my hard work has a direct impact on the company, so I always feel rewarded."

"I really cherish the ownership, autonomy, and trust I have been given at QLess. I'm so much more productive working from home. We don't have a lot of nonsense meetings (which many companies do), so we're all afforded the time to truly get things done."

"For me, it's the people at QLess. Everyone helps quickly and graciously. This tone of camaraderie may be individual but for it to be organization-wide it has to be modeled by the leadership. Grateful to be a part of such a team."

"The people. I know that there are several people here that have my back and will help me when I need it."

"I like the freedom to make decisions and mistakes on my own. It's amazing to work from home, to not be micro-managed, and to be trusted to do my job."

"The commute to work (none) :-)"