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Nov 20

Queuing psychology: Can waiting in line be fun?

The answer, from this CNN article published today about MIT Prof. Larson's studies of queueing: Not really, not if you have to stand in line. But if you free your customers to roam freely while they wait, notifying them when you're ready for them on their cell phones, the fun knows no limits. Check out QLess today! 

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Nov 17

A QLess restaurant

Oct 30

New case study shows 34% increase in customers seated thanks to QLess

A second case study showed 22% reduction in no-shows with QLess in The Boiling Crab as compared to guests not using cell phones. When added to the 9% reduction in turn-aways previously demonstrated with cell phone paging as compared to old-fashioned pager systems, this makes for a 34% increase in customers seated thanks to QLess, not altogether different from the 45% we previously demonstrated.If your restaurant is not using QLess,…

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Oct 30

QLess signs on mPRm

abInventio, Whozat and QLess signed on mPRm, the PR firm behind Overture, RealNetworks, Disney, Dolby, Fox, Viacom and the Oscars. We are proud to be working with a top-notch team including Rachel McCallister, Bret Ingraham and Natalie Yallouz.

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Oct 26

abInventio’s Founder and CEO appointed to Caltech’s Information Sciences & Technology Advisory Board

Alex Backer was appointed by Caltech President Jean-Lou Chameau, and joins a distinguished set of colleagues at the California Institute of Technology's IST Board.

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