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Dec 29

Patient Scheduling Software For Health Clinics

A healthcare worker giving a shot to a patient while two women watch

As some of the most essential businesses, healthcare facilities must find ways to enact social distancing measures for the safety of their patients and employees. That means providing ways for patients to easily make appointments online and through their mobile devices. It also means cutting out the waiting room and using updated methods to check patients in for appointments. QLess patient scheduling software can do all this and give healthcare…

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Dec 28

Technology Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Originally published in Healthcare Business and Technology The interest in the public health branch of government has dramatically increased in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With public health officials helping governments curb the spread of the virus, doctors, hospitals, researchers, and medical professionals have become some of the most trusted people in the U.S. But with many non-essential medical services--including fertility treatments and elective surgeries--cancelled during the early months of the pandemic, will…

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Dec 08

Surviving the Holiday Rush

people walking in a mall decorated for the holidays

Improve Operational Efficiency and Provide Great Customer Experience With some of the busiest shopping days rapidly approaching, stores are bracing for an onslaught of last-minute shoppers and a few more weeks of chaos. Unlike the shoppers that begin shopping in October or November -- 83 percent of holiday shoppers -- these customers will be stressed out and distracted, looking for efficient ways to complete their holiday shopping list. To retain…

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Dec 07

Welcome to the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season: Adapt to Current Trends

people walking through a mall decorated for the holidays

Saying that the 2020 holiday shopping season will be different is an understatement. The pandemic has upended so many factors that previously drove holiday sales that retailers are entering completely new territory. For one, the virus has people wary of enclosed or crowded places, meaning that the rush to malls is forever changed. The pandemic has also forced retailers and restaurants to close, creating financial hardships for businesses and individuals.…

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Dec 07

Five Ways Line Management Software Improves the In-Store Shopping Experience

a woman viewing greeting cards outside a festively decorated store

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the busiest shopping season of the year is shaping up to look dramatically different than it has in the past. As online shopping becomes the norm, brick-and-mortar stores need ways to help them attract shoppers and regain lost income. The solution? Line management software. Below are five ways that it can improve the in-store shopping experience and help retain customers this holiday season. Manage…

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