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Feb 13

Pandemic Shopping and the Future of Retail

a customer scanning a QR code on their cell phone

With the 2020 holiday season behind us, we've now had time to digest what was arguably one of the strangest shopping seasons for retailers. Depending on the city and state, retailers were experiencing anything from reduced capacities to increasingly long lines to complete store closures. October to December is one of the busiest -- and most important -- quarters for shopping, with these months accounting for a significant portion of…

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Feb 11

Using Queue Management Solutions to Improve Government Services Offices

a multi-level view of the inside of a government services building

From the DMV to the paperwork involved in insurance claims, government services are known for being ineffective, slow, and outdated. It’s functioned the same way for years and, since the RFP process is long, there hasn’t been a push to update these systems. This makes crucial, everyday tasks difficult for citizens, as they become time-consuming and confusing.  Spurred by the pandemic, many government services offices have started using queue management…

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Feb 11

How 2020 Permanently Changed Customer Service Best Practices

a woman using technology while being served by a barista

With the global pandemic, the tumultuous economy, and everything else that came with it, 2020 may be the year that we would all rather forget. But it’s likely that the lingering effects of 2020 are here to stay. Thanks to all the lessons we’ve learned throughout the year, it’s expected that “back to normal” will be a new type of normal. In the world of customer service, that’s better news…

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Feb 02

How is Productivity Measured in Construction?

The biggest dig leveled against the construction industry by those who don't know the ins and outs of it goes something like this: "All construction workers do is stand around while one or two people do all the work." Industry professionals, of course, know that there are many reasons for workers to be temporarily idle or "just standing around, watching people work" on the job site. From civil engineers whose sole job…

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Jan 29

Deliver a Great Customer Experience for Your Credit Union Members

“Drive in banking” sign on the outside of a building

In the banking industry and many others, times have changed from walk-in, stand-in-line services to higher expectations for the customer experience. Customers need their space for social distancing and want modern options that add convenience to their lives. Companies everywhere are capitalizing on the ease of use provided by virtual services using phone apps and contactless services. If your financial institution hasn't taken the plunge, it's high time you learn…

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