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Jun 26

What will the next explosive markets be?

Adapted from recent correspondence with Marc Andreessen: Mike just pointed me to Marc Andreessen's post on The Pmarca Guide to Startups: The only thing that matters (the market), which I recommend. I agree that the market is an essential element of the success of a start-up. Google's (and Yahoo's) success can be attributed in large part to the explosion of content on the WWW at the same time, which made almost…

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Jun 18

Hello, world

The time has come for ab|inventio's blog. We have too much to be excited about not to share. First and foremost, the best news has been the outstanding quality of the people we've been able to attract, which is both a testament to our incipient work and its best guarantee. In order of appearance: Jon Malmaud was courted by Earthlink, Adapt and the big financial powerhouses, yet he chose to…

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