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The Best Practice Guide for QLess

To claim a payment under our guarantee of return on investment of 400%, you should:

  1. QLess have used in the 61 days that your account has been created.
  2. Participating in daily calls with the support team QLess during the first week of use, provided you make any configuration settings time and ask any questions that you need.
  3. Participated in weekly calls with the support team QLess from week 2 to week 8.
  4. QLess have used every week for the first four months of service for all customers during periods in which you executed a wait of at least 100 customers in line for weeks.
  5. QLess have used as is instructed in all the published user manuals and training of all team members QLess.
  6. Have asked verbally to customers opting for mobile marketing program each time you use the Queue Manager to add them to a queue.
  7. QLess enabled him to make all its customers opt for a mobile marketing program for you if not introduced or are chosen for their employee. Customers pueder opt out at any time.
  8. Have sent or allowed to bid on his behalf QLess, promotional coupons to customers who have opted to receive it according to the Best Practices QLess (never exceed one SMS per week per customer who has accepted this service).
  9. Afford a staff member to observe QLess site operations, if required.
  10. Show that the ROI of QLess their first four months of servicie is as defined above, less than 400%.
  11. Stop using QLess after four months. Customers who have left the family will not be accepted QLess to use our service again.

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