The End of Physical Lines

Making customers wait in line means you lose business. Walkaways are just the start. Lines also generate complaints and ill will for your team. Happy customers stay and buy. Unhappy customers don’t.

QLess is a dynamic and proven way to support the most important line of all – your bottom line. Our patented technology allows your customers to join virtual lines and make appointments from waiting areas, their mobile phone, tablets, or your website.  As the industry leader worldwide, we equip organizations large and small with flexible solutions that provide absolute control over scheduling and customer flow.

How Does It Work?

Highly intuitive interfaces and flexible workflows make QLess’ sophisticated technology easy to use and manage. Rather than wait in a slow moving line, your customers go through this process:

  1. Join a virtual line via a waiting room kiosk, mobile phone, tablet, or your website
  2. Receive an estimated time of service and get periodic updates without being physically present
  3. Receive notification through the on-site display or via mobile device when it is their turn to be served

Customers can use a mobile device to move back in a virtual queue or drop out of a queue.

It is not just the queuing.  It’s also the way we manage our stores internally.  I will tell you, its more than a queue system….it gives you a lot of reports on what are the processes of what you need to change, it gives you a lot of information.  Also, it could be totally customize everything

– Marta Sanchez, Head of Retail Experience, Vodafone